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    • Reducing the impacts of Neotropical oil palm development on functional diversity 

      Prescott, Graham W.; Gilroy, James J.; Haugaasenc, Torbjørn; Medina-Uribe, Claudia A.; Foster, William A. (ElsevierBiological Conservation, 2016-05)
      Large-scale conversion of natural habitats to agriculture reduces species richness and functional diversity, with important implications for the provision of many ecosystem services.
    • Thermally buffered microhabitats recovery in tropical secondary forests following land abandonment. 

      González del Pliego, Pamela; Scheffers, Brett R.; Basham, EdmundW.; Woodcock, Paul; Wheeler, Charlotte; Gilroy, James J.; Medina-Uribe, Claudia A.; Haugaasen, Torbjørn; Freckleton, Rob P.; Edwards, David P. (ElsevierBiological Conservation, 2016-09)
      Given the dramatic loss of tropical forests and accelerating climate change, secondary forest regeneration is increasingly recognised as being an important method for reversing losses in biodiversity and carbon stocks. The ...